We are well into 2016 and many DJ’s are already gearin’ up for this summer.

In our Feb. 3rd article review, we introduce Future House Superstar, Don Diablo as he chat’s with Popspoken about how more and more music producers are having their say in regards to the ethics of ghost producing.

Listen, if you go and take someone else’s track and put your name on it; it is clearly unethical. NOBODY SHOULD BE STEALING FULL TRACKS FROM OTHER ARTISTS, EVEN IF THEY ARE PRODUCED AND PAID FOR BY YOU. This article will give you a better understand on how musicians and artists create their own sound without ripping straight from the other artists work.

As an upcoming producer myself, it’s important not to “steal” while working off other artists/musicians and always give credit where credit is due. Never try and take short cuts, otherwise you could find yourself in a major lawsuit.

Read the full article and watch an exclusive live interview from Popspoken featuring one of the highest paid Beatport DJ and Producer’s Don Diablo, here.

I will also be posting another article related to the use of tracks within’ a DJ mix.

Stay Tuned!

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