T H E   D J ‘ S   T R I B U N E


The DJ’s Tribune curates the most popular DJ trends in Electronic Dance, Music Production, Radio, and Hip-Hop industries. 


Our goal is to deliver real-time current djing events and news straight to your social media.

This blog is for new & old socially active music lovers to come together from all across the world and access new information to better understand the electronic dance, radio, and hip-hop industries in a creative, casual, and visually stimulating digital environment.

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Self portrait Noah Saltz social

  • Noah Saltz is the owner, web designer, editor, social media expert and content creator for The DJ’s Tribune. He has 6+ years of professional open format DJ/Producer experience. He currently works as a Social Media Strategist for Huawei & Honor USA.
  • Click here to follow his Twitter: @NoahSaltz
  • Instagram: @djnoahsaltzFacebook
  • Website: noahsaltz.com


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