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A few weeks ago, DJ Mag released the ever anticipating list, Top 100 DJ’s in the world.

Many artists were perplexed as to what the list meant [in all its fame & glory]. There are many unanswered questions in regards to its purpose and we’re here today to answer that.

Artists like Hardwell took to the stage to express their thoughts and opinions.

“This guy doesn’t get a chance to play the big festivals,” he says. “He doesn’t get the chance, so he’s never gonna be on the f—ing list…”

– Hardwell

Dillon Francis is among some of the DJ’s who took to shows and social media to lash out at the mockery of “The DJ List” [Billboard Article seen here].

The team here at The DJ’s Tribune broke it down and formed our own opinion as to what it meant and why DJ Mag has a list in the first place.

“The Top 100 DJ’s List is mainly based on an artists’ business model and majority income for that particular year. It is also designed to congratulate the Top 100 artists’ who’ve poured their blood, sweat, and tears into the creation and contribution toward the electronic dance music industry.” 

– The DJ’s Tribune

Whether it’s ticket sales, track and album sales, or popularity on social media, the list is a combination of the overall quality and appearance of the DJ’s brand image. Yes. Popularity is a large part of the decision making process, but not the most important.

Basically, what is your total revenue from all music you release and perform that year? And, how popular are you on social media? But, is that it…? 


Whatever the case may be, we’d like to congratulate Martin Garrix on his No. 1 spot as DJ Mag’s Best DJ of 2016. Keep up the great work man!

DJ MAG: TOP 100 DJ’s of 2016 [Full List]

Have your own opinions about the the DJ Mag Top 100 DJ’s list? Leave us a comment below!

Learn more about the Top 100 DJ’s via DJ

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