Photo By: Sony DCS

Joel Zimmerman hit the spot light a few weeks ago after Disney introduced their latest MICKEYPHON. It looks surprisingly similar to the head gear superstar DJ, Deadmau5 wears during all of his sets (seen featured above). Disney went as far as to even issue a lawsuit against the musical artist.

View the full article via Magnetic Magazine here.

A video released by Disney of the new MICKEYPHON and its technology.

A picture of the popular LED mouse head worn by Joel Zimmerman, aka Deadmau5 [Below]


Self portrait Noah Saltz social

  • As a 5 year open format DJ in the Chicago area, my experiences include festivals, nightclubs, and all different types of events in the music scene.  I currently work for Four Corners Tavern Group in Chicago, IL. You can follow me daily on twitter @NoahSaltz || facebook.com/djnoahsaltz for more info.


Me: Noah Saltz, DJ, Producer, Music Producer, Deadmau5, Disney, Mickey Mouse

Article: Magneticmag.com

Topics & Industries: Head Gear Design, LED Music Production, Ghost Producer, Music Production

Target Market: Teens & young adults, musicians, music producers, electronic dance music fans

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