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The DJ’s Tribune is on a constant quest to explore new areas of electronic, dance and hip hop music.

In this weeks article review, we give the creators of experimental music a chance to be heard. Seattle electronic chip-tune producer, Graz, continues to build his brand with a more creative approach with his new album, Ravepunk via the Tokyo label Cheapbeats.

Graz took steps even further by hacking into the Nintendo Entertainment System Gameboy for inspiration. All the sounds expect for a few come from the infamous handheld console. You can support his project via Bandcamp. And, if you haven’t checked out Bandcamp for new music, I highly suggest you check their catalogue of talented artists.

View the full article on Graz and his album debut here.


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“I used to love the NES Gameboy. First, because they were my initials; but also because The Bart Simpsons game was a classic. If your a music producer, start using different gaming devices to create your next big hit! Headphones out to aux/line in then hit record. Be creative.”  – Noah Saltz

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  • Noah Saltz is a 5+ year open format DJ and aspiring producer from the Chicago area. My experiences include festivals, nightclubs, and all different types of events in the music scene.  I currently work for Four Corners Tavern Group in Chicago, IL. You can follow me daily on twitter @NoahSaltz || for more info.


Me: Noah Saltz, DJ, Music Producer


Topics & Industries: Music Production, EDM, Gameboy, Nintendo Entertainment System, Graz, Cheapbeats

Target Market: Teens & young adults, musicians, music producers, electronic dance music fans

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