As we break into the new year, we re-review a popular article featured by one of EDM’s leading blogs, (a review of Billboards‘ ‘Highest Grossing Music Festivals’).

With each new festival gaining increasing amounts of exposure, it seems we are investing into more and more live performances around the world than ever before. This increase in demand has allowed for large corporate businesses to flock to the now revolutionary electronic music industry.

Hit the link here to read the full article.

Below is a list of the highest earned festivals charting in the electronic music industry for 2015; with the top three hosted by California:


Which festival do you think will be at the top this year? Creamfields? Tomorrowland? EDC NYC? Lollapalooza Brasil? Burning Man?

Self portrait Noah Saltz social

  • Noah Saltz is a 5+ year open format DJ from the Chicago area. My experiences include festivals, nightclubs, and all different types of events in the music scene.  I currently work for Four Corners Tavern Group in Chicago, IL. You can follow me daily on twitter @NoahSaltz || for more info.


Me: Noah Saltz, DJ, Producer, Music Studio


Topics & Industries: Music Festivals, Dance Scene, Coachella, EDC New York, Billboard

Target Market: Teens & young adults, musicians, music producers, electronic dance music fans

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